August 2006    

The Hot Wheels '57 "N0-NOMAD"

It's been a pleasure watching this custom '57 Bel-Air Wagon evolve slowly throughout the years.  This is a real "Hot Wheels" car owned by a good friend Bruce Schultz.  It took Bruce a while, but slowly and surely, this car made it's debut at SEMA 2005 in the Hot Wheels booth.  It's hard to imagine that this unique and brilliant paint job on this car is only temporary, but that's what it is in this case.  It'll all eventually get wiped off in time and a permanent paint job is applied.  It was quite fun and a honor to help with this car in the paint and flames process.   Other ideas to consider for this "No-Nomad" is to possibly back-tape the flames and paint the car a transparent black over the red.  But the most likely finished scenario would be for a showcar-painted black with a different set of traditional licks similarly shown.  This car is a definite attention getter at SEMA and wherever it's shown.  You just can't help but to get a 2nd look.

These exclusive images below shows one of the last stages of the process that I taken during the paint and assembly.  Basically the normal SEMA rush that you hear about, and in this case, the painting started about 48 hrs before being trailer to Vegas.  A lot of great folks and shops helped out along the way.  Photos shown below are that taken during the last leg of the build.  Pics are of Bruce Schultz, Myself, and Ken the Pinstriper.  The Jerzman came by to give a much needed hand.   Karl Scheller, and Kelly Cox did a lot of work with the assembly the last night along with our very own, Wildman "Mr. Bill". 

You may also recognize or recall seeing this car as an actual HW's 100% '57 Chevy Nomad, although it's not really a Nomad, hence "NoNomad".  There's been many versions of this diecast such as the pink version in the Oil Cans and the Troy Lee 2-Car set, but the one that is special to me is the one pictured left, as it's the first HW's car I designed the flames for back in 2000.  Enjoy the pics! 

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 "Country Karl" (lol) and I looks on as we discover Larry Wood taking a nap.  :) Kelly Cox getting things together with the final assembly.
Some other Rides along the way.  Includes that KMC freebies dropoff and check out that flame job below by Van Demon


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