July 2005    

CHOP SHOP @ San Diego Comic Con
July 14-17, 2005. 66 Artists. 66 Custom Rides. At the Munky King booth. Moderated by miQ willmOtt.

From Munky King:  These will be at Comic Con this year. And we got something that's never been done at SDCC. At our booth will be the first ever custom toy show. 66 top artists customize 66 prototype cars from a line created by miQ willmOtt. Originally named Ledfoots, these beauties sport heavy diecast metal wheels and a heavy dose of urban vinyl flavor.

Unfortunately, you can't get the limited production release because two of them barely hit the market and another three were never released (and were then made exclusively for this show). But luckily, all 66 custom originals will be available for sale at the Munky King booth at San Diego Comic Con.

From the top Japanese pinstripers, world famous lowbrow artists, global graff heavies, tattoo artists from the states and australia, and internationally known toy designers, we've curated an amazing and diverse group of talent that's going to rock the first ever custom toy show at SDCC this year.

Well, it took over a year to make this 'lil page, but just wanted to say it was an honor and pleasure to get invited into the mix of all these great artists.  These were the LEDFOOT line by Mattel.  A really cool line that were out in production for a short time.  Then it got canned.  I thought these were kinda cool.  Anyways here's my vinyl GTO I painted below with a added custom engine/blower...
Below:  Some pics, some text, nabbed from miQ Willmott @ Munky King Forum...

below: Dave Chang, Coop, miQ, and Ruth

below: miQ, Pizz, Spencer Davis, Klim, Tregs

above & below: Voltaire's work (I really like this one- DC)

below: Jim Koch, Dirty Donny, Steve Daily, and Kiana

below: sp.FX ateest extrodinaire, Norman Cabrera, and wife Katie

below: Sket One, Thuy3, and mr. miQ

below: Tregs sparkin it up...........

below: "Big Jim" Elliott (This was one of my fav's below- DC)

below: mike from Wootini, Mark A. and Miq

and most of the cars...

below: (I really like this one, from Makoto in Japan- DC)

below: Awesome Mr. G , DC.

below: (I really like this one too, just sick, from Ware in Japan- DC)



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